At the Physical Therapy Site in Nicaragua, we are pleased to introduce a new staff member. Jaeline! She has come to serve alongside Paul as site leader of PT site. One way that God has called Jaeline in this ministry is to start a women’s exercise group. We will let Jaeline introduce herself and the new project, which is part of PT Site, Nicaragua.

MicrosoftTeams image 11 We've got a New Staff Member“Hi, my name is Jaeline Guzmán, I am Nicaraguan. I live in a small town near Managua called Tipitapa, where I live with my grandmother and my sister. At my church, I serve in the children’s ministry, helping the youth in their spiritual transformation.

On Friday, October 20, we started a new project called “Pilates with Jaeline.” This project is aimed toward women with the objective of helping with their self-esteem, as well as in their physical and spiritual health. This small group is designed to be a space where they can feel safe and loved, somewhere they can find peace and God’s calling in their lives. For that reason, before the pilates class, we begin by sharing a devotional with a specific message for women. They need to understand how valuable they are in God’s eyes.

This idea began through a need reflected in the women who attend PT Site. The problems in their lives were affecting them not only physically, but also mentally and spiritually as well through depression, anxiety, stress, and lack of self-love. Many of the women we treat come to their PT appointment, not just to be treated for their physical pain, but also to express themselves and be heard.”

Please pray for Jaeline and Physical Therapy Site here in Nicaragua. Pray that this project will be fruitful and would be a blessing to the women who attend.