In our last update, we shared plans about our new base and its remodeling dreams. Guess what? We’ve hosted numerous teams, vision trips, work teams, and even our annual board meeting, all whilst remodeling! Now, we’re thrilled to announce that the major parts of the remodel are done, and we’re ready to host our first summer team in the new dorm. The base has become a hub of activity and growth. Teams love the vibe here – it’s perfect for building community with their team and our staff. We also host ministry site meetings and parties, positively impacting the community. We’ve got more plans in the pipeline, including a garden, fruit trees, and a greenhouse to provide food and a teaching station. It’s been a long journey, but the last 9 months have shown significant progress. Thanks to everyone who’s supported us in this journey.Dorm 3 The Nicaragua Base is Getting a New Look