There have been many difficulties during the year of 2023 for the Trade School site in Nicaragua. Due to the lack of a permanent location, it has been hard to provide classes for the community. BUT… Our God is so good! He has been teaching us to depend more on him during this season of difficulty and He has proven faithful. 

We are so excited to say that a home has been provided where we will be able to teach a class and minister to the lives of the young men that come to the site. This miracle offers us the stability we need to develop the site. On July 4th, we began our classes with our third group of students. 10 young men will be taking time to learn to repair different appliances such as refrigerators, stoves, air conditioners, electrical systems, prepare and read electrical plans, and much more. 

MicrosoftTeams image 2 The Lord Provides

At the site, it is a desire of ours to help these young men change their mentality and have the desire to change in different aspects of their lives. 

It is so cool to see these men taking time to push themselves to learn something new. There is a young baker named Ramon who wakes up at 2 in the morning to go to work in the baker shop and then comes to the site from 9am – 2pm to learn new skills. Ramon wants to help provide more for his family, so he participates and works hard during class. 

There is another young man named Ronal who has an interest in mechanics. Because of his interest and dedication to learning, Ronal is becoming very skilled at repairing motorcycles. 

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We pray that more young men would come to the Trade School site with a desire in discovering their calling. That they would not only persue a new trade but that they would pursue a relationship with Jesus and use their trade skills to share the gospel with others.