Today’s words of encouragement come from Costa Rica.

Last week we invited you to “actively wait” with us this Christmas season. We wait expectantly for the arrival of an infinite God born as a finite baby. Our waiting is filled with hope that this baby will transform our world and lives. This hope characterizes our faith and defines our lifestyles. We look forward with the hope that there is a better tomorrow and that the baby born in Bethlehem 2000 years ago will usher justice where there is injustice, peace where there is war, and love where there is hate.

CR tutoring center

However, our hope is not an idle hope of longing for a better tomorrow but one that transforms our way of living today so that we can be agents of hope in a hopeless world. This hope drives the Students International staff to serve those in our communities in all our countries. Whether helping a child with homework, leading exercise classes or a Bible Study, giving a microloan, coaching a sports team, extracting an infected tooth, harvesting crops or delivering medicine, we are proclaiming the hope we find in Jesus. The hope of a better tomorrow causes us to work today. Join us this Christmas season as we announce this transforming hope to those around us.