This week for #MinistrySiteMonday get to know the Social Services site in SI-Costa Rica. This site is located in Las Fuentes, a small community made up of mostly Nicaraguan immigrant families. This is a multi-faceted ministry that has partnered with a local church and community center to offer a variety of activities for children, youth and their families to become involved. Cailah Pritchard and Juan Centano, SI staff at the Social Services site, are continually finding ways to build relationships with families in the community through sports and recreational activities, English tutoring, aerobics (including a popular zumba class) for women, crafts, Bible lessons, table games, etc. Through those avenues, they are sharing the Good News and love of Jesus!

Pray with us! Please pray for this ministry. Pray that the Lord’s influence would grow among this community, and that He might use our staff and outreach participants at this special green house. Pray for our full-tin staff year round that Cailah and Juan would find strength and hope in Him. Pray for reconciliation and healthy relationships in theLas Fuentes community. Pray for the church that partners with us, that they might be blessed as a congregation in His Name.

You can stay updated on the Social Services site and their La Casa Verde on Facebook here.

And our Social Services staff:

Cailah Pritchard

Juan Centeno Artavia