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Summer Staff

Get a taste of Full-time missionary work for an entire summer.  You’ll wear a million hats, but your main job will be to assist the missionary staff in whatever way you can–organizing evening activities, leading excursions, leading Bible studies, leading worship, leading prayer, translating and airport runs.  You’ll also help lead at the ministry site you selected to serve in.  If that sounds like a lot, yea, it is…but it’ll be a summer you won’t forget and God will do something amazing through your time serving with us.

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Summer Staff Qualifications:

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Summer Staff Dates

Costa Rica

May 13, 2024 to Aug 7, 2024
May 12, 2025 to Aug 6, 2025

Dominican Republic (Jarabacoa)

May 19, 2024 to Aug 7, 2024

Dominican Republic (Santiago)

May 22, 2024 to Aug 8, 2024


May 20, 2024 to Aug 7, 2024


May 25, 2024 to Aug 3, 2024


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