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Fall 2018

Adventure and discovery await you in the fascinating Central American country of Nicaragua. Join Students International for a semester of ministry and cultural exploration through study, service, travel, and lively interaction with local residents.


Rigorous Academics

Earn 15-16 college credits. Courses are taught by both Nicaraguan and U.S. professors.

International Development Theory and Practice (3 credits)
A survey of international development theory and practice with special attention to Christian perspectives on transformational development. The theoretical components of the course will focus on theories of inequality, development and globalization with special attention given to issues related to religion, gender and education in development. The practical components will stress holistic, contextualized responses that provide students with the analytical tools and basic skills needed for transformational development work.

Peoples and Cultures of Nicaragua (3 credits)
In this class students will explore the Nicaraguan culture with special attention given to the history, politics and religion of this Central American nation along with issues of race, immigration, class and family relationships that are unique to the country. The course will include numerous sessions led by Nicaraguans with expertise in each of the course topics. Students will also make visits to various sites of cultural significance.

International Internship in Nicaragua (3-4 credits)
An intensive semester-long experience in which the student is fully immersed in Nicaraguan culture, involved in hands-on service and guided by a mentor. Goal setting and journaling activities will help students engage in self-reflection and mentor evaluations will provide them with constructive feedback about their ministry and cultural skills.

Spanish (6 credits)
Choose from beginning to avanced course. Receive personal instruction at language school.

Full listing of Spanish courses.

Meaningful Vocational Ministry

Gain hands-on experience through an internship at a community ministry site related to your interests. Seasoned missionaries from Nicaragua and the U.S. run SI’s ministry sites year-round and are committed to a long-term presence within the community.

“The staff are always willing to share and learn with us. They are very involved and have a real passion for what they do. I love that the whole organization is bathed in prayer, and the staff members who I worked with are all very wise.”

Christian Mentoring & Community Life

Live and learn alongside our entire SI-Nicargua staff through classes, debriefing, Bible studies, family nights, and other community-building events. Staff live minutes away, accompany students on all program-sponsored excursions, and actively disciple and mentor students. Additional support is provided by SI staff and your sending school before, during, and after your semester.

Location, Housing & Food

“I got much more out of this experience than I was ever expecting.”
SI-Nicaragua is situated in Masaya, a city 40 minutes southeast of the capital city of Managua. While Masaya’s city center boasts a huge artisan market, frequent festivals, and streets that are busy with workers and daily life, the city is home to many poorer neighborhoods as well. Masaya is bordered by the Laguna de Masaya and a national park featuring Volcán Masaya.

Most ministry sites are within a short drive from where students stay in carefully-selected host homes, with a few sites encompassing surrounding villages as well. Students usually eat daily breakfast and dinner with host families, a packed lunch, and a community dinner with other program participants about once a week. SI works to accommodate dietary restrictions with advance notice.

Typically, the temperatures in Masaya are always high. The rainy (cool) season is May-October. Daytime temperatures between August-December run in the 80°s F, with evening temperatures in the 70°s F. Expect heavy downpours leading to muddy streets and a lush, green landscape. Masaya has a dry period December-April. Temperatures soar into the 90°s F and the landscape becomes dry and dusty.



A number of excursions are included in the program, allowing students to experience various natural, cultural and historical treasures. Typical excursions include:

“Perhaps the most meaningful part was simply realizing that this world is huge, and God is even bigger. There is so much more to it than just my little corner in Illinois.”


2018 Program dates are August 27 – December 5 in Nicaragua (August 25 – December 7 including orientation and debriefing at Greenville University). Here is a general breakdown of the semester (weekend excursions not included):

Aug 25-26
Aug 27
Week 1
Weeks 2-4
Week 5
Week 6
Week 7
Week 8-10
Week 11
Week 12-14
Dec 5
Dec 6-7
Orientation at Greenville University, IL
Arrive in Nicaragua
Orientation & Team building
Intensive Spanish at language school
Ministry sites
Intensive course week
Ministry sites
Intensive Spanish at language school
Cross-Cultural Experience (Costa Rica, Oct 6-11)
Ministry sites
Return to Greenville University
Debriefing at Greenville University

*Program schedule, ministry sites, and excursions are subject to change.


See your study abroad advisor or contact Students International for information on cost. In most cases, your financial aid package applies.

Academic Partners

SI partners with the following schools to offer this semester program:

Students from other schools may participate through an agreement with Crown College and will receive Crown course credit.

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