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Study Abroad in Costa Rica

Students International (SI) is providing a transformative opportunity to study abroad in Costa Rica and to volunteer in Christ-centered ministry + service sites related to personal academic and vocational interests.

Gain hands-on experience in fields like: Sports, Women’s Health and Fitness, Women’s Social Work/Microfinance, Tutoring/Education, Boys and Girls Club, Creative Arts Workshop and much more.

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Experience various cultural and historical treasures in Costa Rica through frequent excursions. These are subject to change, but often include beaches, eco-parks, and national parks.

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In-Country Orientation
Intensive Spanish
Weekend Excursions
Ministry Sites

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Housing & Meals

Live with carefully selected host families. Build relationships with them and learn from their culture. Try a variety of local foods for breakfast and dinner and packed lunches. SI works to accommodate dietary restrictions with advance notice.

In collaboration with Crown College


Cost: $9500 + Airfare


The Fall Term runs from late August to early December. The Spring Term runs from early January to early May.

Orientation + Team Building – Weeks 1-3

Intensive Language school – Week 4

Outreach – Week 5-7

Intensive Language school – Week 8

Outreach – Week 9 – 13

Debrief + Return Home – Week 14

A survey of the biblical and theoretical basis for Christian mission with a special focus on the church’s ministry to the poor. Major attention is given to key paradigms for mission and their application to the students’ ministry practicum context. Drawing on students’ experiences in their ministry sites, this course will address social, cultural, political and spiritual issues with an emphasis on holistic ministry responses and the gospel’s impact on both individuals and society. Special attention is given to Latin American perspectives on ministry and unique aspects of ministering in Latin American contexts.

“Pura vida” (pure life or full life) is a common phrase used in many contexts in Costa Rica. In this class, offered completely in Spanish, students will explore the pura vida of Costa Rican culture with special attention given to the history, politics and religion of this Central American nation along with issues of race, immigration, class and family relationships that are unique to the country. Course sessions will be led by Costa Ricans with expertise in each of these areas and students will make visits to various sites of cultural significance.

The internship entails acquisition of knowledge of the Hispanic culture and application of Spanish communication skills in authentic contexts through service work in Spanish-speaking communities.
Choose from beginning to advanced courses. Receive personal instruction at language school.
Elementary Spanish I | 3 credits
Elementary Spanish II | 3 credits
Intermediate Spanish I | 3 credits
Intermediate Spanish II | 3 credits
Advanced Spanish Abroad | 3 credits
Spanish Conversation and Composition | 4 credits
Literature and Culture of Spanish America | 4 credits
Advanced Spanish Grammar and Communication | 4 credits
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"I would encourage everyone I know to have an experience like this because it will change you."


Cost: $3900 + Airfare

Optional $300/Credit Hour*

SUMMER | 12 WEEKS | optional choose 0-11 CREDITS

Get a taste of Full-time missionary work for an entire summer.  You’ll wear a million hats, but your main job will be to assist the missionary staff in whatever way you can–organizing evening activities, leading excursions, leading Bible studies, leading worship, leading prayer, and translating.  You’ll help lead at the ministry site you selected to serve in while also completing the credits for the courses you choose to enroll in.  Spanish language courses and ministry theory courses will supplement and enrich your experience in the ministry sites. If that sounds like a lot, it is…but it’ll be a summer you won’t forget and God will do something amazing through your time serving with us.

International Internship in Costa Rica | 3 credits

Mission in Latin American Contexts | 4 credits (In Spanish)

Transformational Development | 3 credits

Choose up to 2 from beginning to advanced courses. Receive personal instruction at language school.

Elementary Spanish I – 3 Credits

Elementary Spanish II – 3 Credits

Intermediate Spanish I – 3 Credits

Intermediate Spanish II – 3 Credits

Advanced Spanish Abroad – 3 Credits

Spanish Conversation and Composition – 4 Credits

Literature and Culture of Spanish America – 4 Credits

Advance Spanish Grammar and Communication – 4 Credits

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Why Study Abroad?​

A semester abroad is a life-changing opportunity to be immersed in a new culture. Taking an extended period of time i.e., a semester, the summer, a year, provides cultural exposure that cannot be matched in a short-term visit. Students learn about customs, beliefs, language, history, and day to day life through experiencing them firsthand. They come away with a new understanding of different backgrounds and worldviews. 

Integral to learning about a new culture is language learning. Students will have opportunities every day to practice and make mistakes without judgement. Opportunities are found in ministry sites, with host families, and day to day interactions. 

Living independently, students will learn problem solving skills that will benefit them for a lifetime.  Students will have the opportunity to navigate Desamparados and surrounding cities if they choose to do so.

Through ministry site and language class students can fulfill language, cross-cultural learning, and internship degree requirements. 

Taking extended time out of one’s studies “back home” can be extremely rewarding both personally and academically. Some would say it is an unforgettable experience to cherish forever! But we’ll let you decide.

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Come see if Students International’s Study Abroad Program could be a good fit for your institution! Our academic vision trips are a great way for faculty to see the ministry first-hand and what it looks like to send students on a semester abroad. The cost of a vision trip is just airfare and Students International will cover all of your in-country costs while on the vision trip.

"The experience is very wholistic and is stretching in so many good and yet challenging ways."

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