Staff FAQs

How much money do I need to raise?

We work with you to develop a budget to meet your personal financial needs. All financial gifts are tax deductible. We update a password-protected page to inform you of your donors and donations while you are on the field. 

For a single North American staff, the budget usually falls between $2,000 and $2,500 a month. Out-going costs usually come to about $20,000 – $25,000. This includes airfare for an interview, training, language placement, and to the field assignment, costs for language studies, purchasing a vehicle in country, pre-field training, and personal items.


I have very little Spanish. Can I still minister with you?

Yes! Many of our staff are beginners in Spanish when they are accepted to minister with us. Once you have been accepted you will give yourself a language assessment. This will help your supervisor to develop a language-learning plan with you. We have worked with a variety of language schools in both Costa Rica and Guatemala. Depending on your level of Spanish to begin with, and how easily you learn the language, you may be studying from three to nine months to get to the necessary proficiency. You must be a high-intermediate before you can begin working on the field.


What kind of training do you provide?

Ministering cross-culturally can be challenging even for the most experienced. We offer a variety of training opportunities to provide a foundation for your mission work. You will read various books, attend the Center for Intercultural Training (CIT) in North Carolina, attend a week long Students International specific training in California, and study Spanish. After arriving to the field, you will have an orientation to the ministry and receive on-going training on a variety of topics.


Where will the interview take place? Who covers airfare?

You will fly to the country that you are applying to work in to meet with the leadership team and other staff for an in-country interview. During this time you will have the opportunity to ask questions and learn more about your potential future ministry. The leadership team will also facilitate a formal interview while you are there. You will pay for the airfare during the interview, and Students International will host you during your time in country.


How long does it take to get to the field?

This depends on many factors such as the time it takes to meet your budget goals, completing your pre-field training, and how much language training is needed. Typically it ranges from four to twelve months after you have been accepted.


What type of care will I have on the field?

Staff meets regularly for corporate times of worship and Bible study. Each staff member will also be attending a local church. In addition, each staff member will have an SI supervisor to provide accountability and guidance. During your initial six months on the field you will be considered a ‘staff in training’ and will meet often with your supervisor to help you with the transition of living in a new country, working in a new area of ministry, and developing new relationships. You will also have opportunities to cultivate a strong financial and prayer support base.