Suzanne Ledbetter

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Suzanne, a Tennessee native, was first introduced to Students International in the Summer of 2022 when she was on Summer Staff in Jarabacoa. She worked with teams and at our Social Work site in El Callejon. She felt God calling her to stay for an 8th-month internship following the summer and continued to work at the Social Work site leading and building relationships with all ages of girls. Throughout that time it became obvious that this is where God was calling Suzanne long term. Spring of 2023, she was accepted as Student Life Coordinator; what drew her to this position was the deep conversations she can have with team participants and interns, being involved with all SI sites, and being a part of God's work here. When Suzanne is not on base, she is grabbing ice coffee in town and hanging out with friends.

Suzanne Ledbetter will serve in the Dominican Republic (Jarabacoa).

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