Grettel Padilla

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Grettel's father has shared with her about Jesus since she was little, and she always wanted to know more about him. Her curiosity led her to listen to preaching and attend church often, and her relationship with God has led her to be certain that the Lord provides in many ways for her, her family, and her friends, knowing that the word of God is fulfills, "I will be with you always, until the end of the world."

Grettel finished high school as an adult, and her inspiration to finish came from a classmate who was 62 years old. Grettel admired his example but was working a lot and didn’t sleep much during this time. However, her perseverance was stronger, and she managed to obtain her diploma.

In 2019 Grettel attended the exercises with Jessica Rybaczyk at the Women's Health and Fitness site and later became involved in Bible studies, occasionally helping Jessica lead the topics. Thanks to her ability and acquired knowledge, Grettel started working for SI Costa Rica as leader of the Women's Sports site in the year 2023. She fully trusts God and puts him first, above all else.

Prayer Card

Grettel Padilla serves in Costa Rica at our Sports — Women's Health & Fitness site.

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