Vanessa Baltodano

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Hey, I’m Vanessa! I was born in 1999 and am part of a Baptist church here in Desamparados! I grew up in Los Guido and first met Jesus at 15. Serving at my church with the children and youth is so important to me. I know that God has a purpose for me because it is only by his love that I am here, and I hope that he will use me wherever I go. I'm currently studying social work and dream to continue to help others in my community and the world. We all need more of God and his love, and I want to be part of it.

I started working for SI in October 2021 and the Tutoring Center is a perfect place for me because I minister to children and families in Los Guido! When the opportunity came to work for SI, I saw it as an opportunity to fulfill some of my dreams by helping people in my community. I hope many people come to SI so that we can share with them God’s love and help them grow spiritually.

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Vanessa Baltodano serves in Costa Rica at our Education — Tutoring Center site.

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