Makayla Stone Czaplicki

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Makayla, a native of Ohio, joined Students International staff in 2020. She serves through women’s social work in El Callejon to show the love of Jesus to children, pre-teens, adolescents, and women. She is passionate about coming alongside adolescent girls and encouraging them to discover their true worth and identity in Christ. Whether it is a student serving at the site for two weeks or a girl in the community who has been attending site for two years, doing life alongside someone allows deep relationships and trust to be built which then opens space for truth to be spoken into both people. She prays that anyone who walks through the social work site door would have their eyes opened to who their marvelous Creator is and who He created them to be.

Prayer Card

Makayla Stone Czaplicki serves in the Dominican Republic (Jarabacoa) at our Women's Social Work — El Callejon site.

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