Staff Opportunities

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Staff Inquiry Application

Thank you for your interest in joining Students International’s full time staff on the field! Students International has over 100 missionaries that serve full time on the field, using their gifts, talents and passions to love God and love people. We hope you will take time to look through our current staff needs and consider joining in what God is already doing in Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, Guatemala or Nicaragua!


  • Administrator

    This person oversees and manages finances and base logistics. Financial management occurs by tracking how money comes in, proper reporting, generating monthly reports and working with the local accounting firm to assure that we are compliant with local filing requirements. This coincides with overseeing base functioning and logistics to assure that the base is running to its full potential. This person reports to the director and will work closely with both the director and maintenance manager.

  • Agriculture

    We are looking for another leader to work with our local agronomist. This site focuses on teaching farmers in local communities how to better manage their small plot farms. We also do some teaching at a local school to help awaken a desire for farming within their community.

  • English Teacher

    We have an English tutoring program to help children from the local communities learn and better their English. The focus is to help the younger children learn more before they go to high school, where the program becomes much more difficult for them.

  • Health Care

    We are looking for someone to assist our current health care site. We currently provide consultations and also focus on preventative health care education. We rotate through a variety of communities and focus on women's health, diabetes, hypertension and undernourishment. Seeking a nurse or a doctor to work alongside our local doctor.

  • Physical Therapy

    Our Physical Therapy site helps treat members of the community at our local physical therapy clinic. Must have a degree in Physical Therapy.

  • Project Manager & Maintenance Person

    We are looking for someone that can help take care of the SI base. This person would help maintain the base facilities, including electrical, mechanical, landscape and any problems that arise. This person would also help out with special projects at sites.

  • Social Work

    This is a female only position for ministry with women from the local communities. This site focuses on training in particular areas and through these modules we can develop relationships with the women and minister to them. The current areas of teaching are cooking, event decorating, cosmetology and handy craft making.

  • Sports

    We are looking for someone to come alongside our national staff member to help teach in the area of sports. We currently focus on all ages, working through soccer, baseball, boxing and general preparation that serves for all sports.

  • Student Life Coordinator

    The Student Life Coordinator (SLC) is primarily responsible to collaborate with the Field Director, Director of Academic Programs, care, and services for the students participating in SI short-term outreaches, Internships and semester study abroad programs. The SLC contributes to the development of students by intentionally engaging in activities that build student community, foster spiritual growth, engage students in relevant ministry, enhance students’ educational experience and tend to their well-being.

  • Trade School Educator

    We would like someone to work with our current site leader and have trade experience and general maintenance knowledge. The trade school site takes a group of young men, or teenagers, and takes them through different teaching modules each month. Our current focus on is on electrical engineering and small appliance repair. We teach them and repair appliances for local community members.

Staff Inquiry Application