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Special Projects

TRT 4513 scaled Special Projects - Donation

The current Global Bridge van is used year-round in Santiago for Global Bridge students and summer teams. The wear and tear have taken their toll. It’s past time to replace it so we can safely get our students where they need to go! Can you help us reach our goal to purchase a replacement by July 1, 2024?

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In the Dominican Republic, children with disabilities are often neglected due to insufficient resources, forcing parents to abandon them in back rooms. For over 18 years, Centro Especial Genesis has been stepping in to provide vulnerable families with a safe space for their children to receive help.

The school is facing a challenge, the rental building they have been using is not suitable for their needs, which is making their mission even more difficult than it needs to be. To address this issue, the Genesis Building Project campaign aims to build a school specifically designed for special needs students; the first of its kind in Jarabacoa. This will allow the school to accommodate up to 60 students and expand their life skills program, ensuring that students thrive after graduation.

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At SI Guatemala, we currently lack a dedicated space for team members, summer staff, and interns to reside together while they serve with us; a place where they can bond and forge relationships with each other.

SI’s Community Center is an ideal location for hosting participants, with a lively atmosphere filled with diverse activities, staff offices, and community visitors. However, at the moment, there is no available space for lodging. To solve this problem, the Guatemala Team Floor Project campaign plans to utilize the unused roof area of the building to build a living space above the Community Center.

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Our goal is to renovate the property we purchased in 2018 through the Training Center Remodel project. This project will enable us to offer better ministry sites, office facilities, and enhance our capacity to host outreaches and semester programs. Initially, we planned to purchase the property, pay it off, and then remodel it to meet our ministry needs. The Training Center Remodel project brings this vision to life.

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The current Santiago Base van is used year-round in Santiago for spring, summer and fall teams. The wear and tear have taken their toll. It’s past time to replace it so we can safely get our students where they need to go!

Ongoing Projects

SI website 19 scaled Special Projects - Donation

Give the gift of medicine! Our health care staff provide medical care to those who cannot afford to see a doctor in a normal clinical setting. You can help make medications available to patients in need, so they can recover to health and flourish in their home and community!

$200 – Full

$25 – Share

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You can help provide clean water filters which reduce waterborne diseases, and fuel efficient smokeless stoves. These wood burning stoves use 70% less firewood and remove harmful smoke from people’s homes. We use these tools to help provide opportunities for the poor and also build relationships so that we might share the gospel with them.

$50 – Water Filter

$75 – Smokeless Stove

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Our National Staff are from the country where they serve and play a huge role in our connection to the communities. Because many of our National Staff are not able to raise their own support right away, our National Staff Fund helps us to hire nationals to serve in our ministry sites and help share the Gospel.

$500 – 1 National Staff

$50 – Share

SI website 5 Special Projects - Donation

As our ministry grows, we continue to seek the Lord on what our next steps are for development and growth in new countries. Your donation to the New Country Development fund will help us launch new ministry locations in the future!

SI website 10 Special Projects - Donation

Involvement in sports helps keeps kids stay safe and out of trouble after school, and our sports ministry sites provide an encouraging place for kids to spend time. You can provide sports equipment so more children have the opportunity to be involved and learn about the love of Jesus!

$75 – Full

$15 – Share

SI website 3 Special Projects - Donation

A loan to start a small business can change a life, a family, and even a community! This gift includes training for women in saving money and managing a small business.

$200 – Full

$25 – Share

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Your gift will help children in Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, and Nicaragua who cannot afford the costs of attending school, or who need extra tutoring to succeed in their educational efforts. Most children in developing countries do not attend school beyond 6th grade, but a steady beginning will help launch them into a future of education!

$40 – Education Costs/Supplies

SI website 13 Special Projects - Donation

In developing countries, children with disabilities are often unable to attend school, play outside, communicate, be included in the community, or get access to specialized resources and care. They’re isolated, lonely, and have little hope for the future. Your donation will help these children access specialized care and to be involved in a community that loves them!

$900 – 1 Year Sponsorship

$75 – 1 Month Sponsorship


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