Today’s story comes from our Appropriate Technology Site in Guatemala!

Every year, we ask our site leaders to look for ways to adapt their sites to the challenges we see in the communities. Over the past year, we have seen many more students choose to drop out of school. This can often lead them to fall into things like drugs, alcohol, or gangs. Carlos and Kevin in the Appropriate Technology site saw a need among these young men. They sought to use their skills to adapt their ministry to reach them. In April, Carlos and Kevin began a small technical school in which they teach welding and some light construction.


ATA 16-year old young man who has been a part of their group is there because he doesn’t like being in his house. Last fall, his mom passed away, and his dad left him and his older sister to live on their own. When he started coming last month, he didn’t want anything to do with God. Still, he appreciated a chance to learn and enjoyed the company of two older men who cared about him and his life. This past week, he was adamant that the group prayed before ending their time together. It is an excellent step in the journey of discovering who God has made him be and allowing God the space to heal the hurt in his life.


We can’t fix every problem, but we can provide a safe and loving space where young men can feel valued and learn skills that can help them advance in life!

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