142 SI-Dominican Republic Update from Lowell

2011: A Year of Transition

This will be a year of transition and many changes for SI in the Dominican Republic. As God has called Lowell, Cheryl, Nate, and Maggie to leave the DR to begin a new SI Ministry in Nicaragua he has brought new people to fill their places. There will also be some staff changes so we will see some new faces appear and others leaving.

This month Arlene Lee is leaving SI to pursue other interests and will also be getting married. She will be missed by the many people that she has so graciously affected over the years. Arlene has done a tremendous job and we thank her for giving of herself in ministry to the people of Los Higos and the many students and adults that have served alongside her. We pray God’s blessings on her as she moves on.

Hans and Jami Miller from Centreville, Michigan will be joining our SI-DR family in February or March. Hans will serve in the construction site and also help with maintenance. Jami has a Masters in Early Childhood Development, which will be a huge blessing to our three pre-schools. They will be attending Missionary Training International in January and then as soon as they finish fund raising will be moving to the DR. Please pray for them as they finish with their preparations to come.

The month of May will bring another transition as Dick and Mary Ellen Meyer will be joining the staff in the DR. This couple will be moving into the guest house and will serve as host and hostess at the base along with taking over the responsibilities of Cheryl and Maggie. Pray for them as they transition into their new role and for Cheryl and Maggie as they begin to step away from theirs.

In August Brian and Sissy Entrekin and their two lovely daughters will be returning to the DR to take over as the new leaders of SI-DR. Brian will serve as Field Director and Sissy will assist him along with doing some teaching in our Fall Semester Program. Brian and Sissy have been outreach participants, lead ministry sites, served as team leaders, and have also lead a team to the DR. So they come with an understanding of the ministry here in the DR which is a tremendous blessing! We praise God for their willingness to serve here again.

With many mixed emotions Lowell, Cheryl, Nate, and Maggie will be leaving their SI-DR family in October to continue preparing for their new assignment in Nicaragua. What a wonderful blessing it has been to work alongside such great staff and workers and we praise God for allowing us to serve in the DR. We also anticipate the blessing it will be to be a part of what God is going to do in Nicaragua.