Spring Semester
Costa Rica

Serve, Travel, Study

Join Students International for a semester of ministry and cultural exploration in the beauty and diversity of Costa Rica. Through a combination of study, service, travel, and lively interaction with local residents, begin to uncover the richness of Costa Rican life.

Rigorous Academics

Meaningful Vocational Ministry

“The ministry site leaders are amazing. They care about us and our growth, but they also care that we know the culture and the environment where we are working. They are sure to answer questions about situations and communities, and are happy when we ask. They are willing to share stories to help us gain a better understanding. Their love for the Lord is evident, it is clear that HE is at the center of all they do.”
Gain hands-on experience through a practicum at a community ministry site related to your interests. Experienced missionaries from Costa Rica and the U.S. run SI’s ministry sites year-round and are committed to a long-term presence within the community.

Christian Mentoring & Community Life

Live and learn alongside our entire SI-Costa Rica staff through classes, debriefing, Bible studies, family nights, and other community-building events. Staff live minutes away, accompany students on all program-sponsored excursions, and actively disciple and mentor students. Additional support is provided by SI staff before, during, and after your semester.

Location, Housing & Food

“I would encourage everyone I know to have an experience like this, because it will change you.”
SI-Costa Rica is based in Costa Rica’s central valley in the area called Desamparados on the outskirts of the capital city of San José. It is a mountainous region with higher altitudes (3000 feet above sea level).

Most ministry sites are within walking distance from where students stay in carefully-selected host homes. Students usually eat daily breakfast and dinner with host families, a packed lunch, and a community dinner with other program participants about once a week. SI works to accommodate dietary restrictions with advance notice.

On average, the temperatures are always high. The rainy (cool) season is May-November. Daytime temperatures between August-December run in the 70°s-80°s F, with evening temperatures in the 50°s-60°s F. San José has dry periods in January, February and March, and its warmest season is March-April.


A number of excursions are included in the program, allowing students to experience various natural, cultural and historical treasures. Typical excursions include:

“The experience is very wholistic and is stretching in so many good and yet hard ways.”


Program dates are January 8 – April 29, 2020. Here is a general breakdown of the semester (weekend excursions not included):

January 8
Week 1
Weeks 2-4
Week 5
Week 6-8
Week 9
Week 10
Week 11
Week 12
Week 13-16
April 29
Arrive in Costa Rica
Orientation & Team building
Intensive Spanish at language school
Ministry sites
Language school and other courses
Cross-Cultural Experience (Nicaragua, March 3-11)
Intensive course week
Ministry sites
Semana Santa (Spring break, March 24 – April 1)
Ministry sites & Debriefing
Return home

*Program schedule, ministry sites, and excursions are subject to change.


See your study abroad advisor or contact Students International for information on cost. In most cases, your financial aid package applies.

Academic Partners

bienvenidogreenSI partners with the following schools to offer this semester program:

Students from other schools may participate through an agreement with Crown College and will receive Crown course credit.

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