One of the passions that we have at Students International is to see the body of believers on mission, united together and working for the common good of our neighbor and our city. In many parts of North America and around the world, it is tempting for pastors, ministry leaders, and church members to see other churches as competitors instead of collaborators in the mission and kingdom of God. In Jarabacoa, that temptation is no different.
As a nonprofit parachurch organization, SI in Jarabacoa has the unique opportunity to provide spaces for church leaders to come together, worship, and talk about common challenges that we face as the body of Jarabacoa. In previous years, SI has put on an event bringing together ministry leaders and pastors but this past Fall we pushed the local pastor’s association to organize the event and promised to assist them by helping with the logistics of dinner and providing our chapel.. For us, it was a huge success to see local pastors coming together to talk about the challenges facing young people in our city and how the church can meet those needs with the Gospel.
Thank you for the many ways that all of you support the ongoing work here in Jarabacoa! Please pray with us as we are dreaming towards more opportunities in 2024 to facilitate connections with local churches!