Mary Ellen Meyer, former high school secretary at Jupiter Christian in Florida, has probably led more short-term outreach teams with SI than any other leader this past decade. Today you will find her with her husband, Dick, greeting and hosting teams as they come to the SI base in the Dominican Republic. Both Mary Ellen and Dick have just retired and they are looking forward to this next season of life as full time staff. They are part of a transition in the Dominican Republic where eight seasoned staff will be leaving and 10 new staff coming. After over a decade of service, the leadership team of the Lowell and Cheryl Troyer and Nate and Maggie Slabach will be “picking up the torch” to begin our newest ministry in Nicaragua. These two couples are currently training and helping in the transition with the new staff.

While in the DR just a couple weeks ago, Janice and I visited each ministry site while leading a tree day vision trip. Hearing and seeing the mission and vision of SI fleshed out by the staff members once again reminded me of the blessing it is to work alongside the incarnational ministry of Students International. Thanks to each of you for your partnership and support with us and please continue to pray for this transition.