The Physical Therapy site in Nicaragua started an incredible new project. This is a new way to enter into the lives of patients while getting to know them on a more personal level and share the gospel with them. The new aquatic therapy class is helping the PT site accomplish those goals.

Just six months ago, PT staff began taking a few patients at a time to a public pool once a week. On a regular basis. There are 4-8 patients that attend the class. They spend a good amount of their morning in the pool doing various physical exercises that help heal injuries. Aquatic therapy is very beneficial in the rehabilitation of fractures, ligament repairs, joint sprains, and osteoarthritis among other things. This is also a time where our patients can get to know one another and help encourage each other as they progress in their rehab.

The other part of the morning is spent breaking bread together and reading The Word. Throughout this year, the group has really been digging into what the Bible says about Jesus. God has brought abundant blessings to this class as they study book by book. We are seeing patients heal physically through aquatic therapy, heal emotionally through connections with others and most importantly, we are seeing healing in their hearts as they gain a better understanding of the characteristics of Christ and the love He has for them. 

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Would you join us in praying that the men and women that are patients at the physical therapy site would experience physical, emotional and spiritual healing.