Andy Tavarez

Andy Tavarez was born in Santo Domingo, the capital of the Dominican Republic. In 2006, he gave his life to Christ. In 2011, he married Rosy, a single mom with two kids. Joshua was 4 years old and Vanessa was 8 years old with special needs. When he got married, He moved from the capital of Santo Domingo to Jarabacoa and got a job with a financial company. However, through God’s faithfulness, he had the opportunity to work for hi local church in Jarabacoa where he has been a member since he arrived. Several years later, He was offered the Hospitality position with SI. He is responsible for the kitchen, hospitality, and all maintenance of SI facilities. He currently has a team of 10 people who help him to carry out the work. Andy says "I thank God for this opportunity, because one of the gifts that God placed in me is service. The ability to practically serve others is an opportunity for me to share Christ alongside the team I work with. God has blessed me abundantly. Thanks to Him I have a family, my local Church community and a job with which I can serve others and provide for my family."

Prayer Card

Andy Tavarez serves in the Dominican Republic (Jarabacoa).

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