Occupational Ministry Site

Young Men's Social Work
Dominican Republic (Jarabacoa)

The Young Men’s Social Work ministry site is a new ministry site in the Dominican Republic. It is a ministry that is trying to reach the teens and young men who are in the streets of Jarabacoa. Many of these young men are shoe shiners and come from very difficult family situations and have found themselves forced to survive and a lot of what they have learned is in the streets. At this site, our goal is to try and meet the boys where they are at and share with them the Love of Christ. Also, at the site we want to form these young men to be men of character and integrity and equip them with the skills and vocational training they need to know to get out of the streets. We are trying to team up with local community leaders who are willing to invest their time and skills to be able to form and equip these guys to become leaders in their community.

Site Leader(s)