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The Year No Teams Operation: Rebuild SI

COVID-19 hit SI especially hard. We had to cancel all of our teams last year, and this summer 75% of teams – over 900 students – had no choice but to cancel their mission trips. Without teams, SI loses the main way we fund ministry sites and National staff. If we don’t take action now, The Year With No Teams threatens to disrupt Gospel ministry to people and communities you love. 


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Hi, I’m Ryan Holloway. 12 years ago, I served as a full-time missionary with Students International. If you’re like me, then no matter where you served with SI or for how long, you have incredible, life-shaping memories of ministering to people in communities in the Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Costa Rica, or Nicaragua.

I’m launching Operation: Rebuild SI to ensure life-giving, gospel ministry to communities that you and I know and even love can come back from the Year With No Teams EVEN STRONGER than before. Click Here to join the movement today.

It's Easy to Join Operation Rebuild

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We’ll connect you directly to missionaries in the community where you served

SI Step 01 Operation: Rebuild SI


Join forces with missionaries on the ground by giving to their Gospel-Centered work.

SI Step 03 Operation: Rebuild SI


Stop The Year With No Teams from disrupting ministry in the community where you served

“God has been doing incredible things through Students International for nearly 30 years. We can’t let The Year With No Teams keep SI from serving for 30 more.”

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