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Holman is the site leader for the agriculture site. Holman has a degree in agronomy, English and has also graduated from seminary. He is married to Elianor Navarrete who is also on staff and serves in our education site, they have one daughter, Jassyris and one son, Elliot. Holman is passionate about agriculture and seeing the success of farmers. He uses agricultural practices to enhance the production of individual small plot farmers and wants to see them be transformed by the power of God. The agriculture site works with small producers, owners of land ranging from 1-2 acres.. We work primarily in two rural communities (Las Azucenas and Vista Alegre sector I) near Masaya. The agriculture site directly serves 16 families between both communities and two public schools in the area with advice on school garden establishments and environmental education workshops. We are focused on developing four components: 1. Preparation of organic fertilizers. 2. Technical assistance and training workshops in the agricultural field. 3. Vegetable production in home gardens or biointensive gardens. 4. Micro-credit program in agricultural and small commercial activities. Its main objective is to increase the economic income of its beneficiaries, by increasing productivity and diversification in their agricultural activities, as well as sharing the word of God in all training workshops, special activities and in visits to individual homes each week. We firmly believe that only God can transform human lives in a comprehensive way.

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