Education — El Callejon
Dominican Republic (Jarabacoa)


The Learning Center of El Callejon is located in a rural community just outside Jarabacoa. The center started as a preschool to prepare children for public education by equipping them to be successful students. Over time we noticed a need for greater literary skills and resources --especially for students in the third grade, an age that many students begin to fall behind in the public system. Our goal is provide an environment where children don't just learn to read, but that they begin to read to learn. Our great hope is to see a new generation that can read, understand, and share God's Word. Participants will assist in tutoring, prepare literacy games and activities, read stories, and direct dramas. They may also visit local houses and/or schools to share stories and books. In the afternoons, the site provides additional support to a local public school assisting with English classes in 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade.

Site Leader(s)