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Women's Social Work — La Joya
Dominican Republic (Jarabacoa)

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The Social Work site in La Joya is a place where women of all ages gather together to learn about the Gospel of Jesus. We strive to make discples of Christ while teaching them ways in which to transform their homes, relationships, and their lives. Within the La Joya community, the Social Work site serves in Framboyan, the Trinchera, y El Oyo, providing them with biblical counseling, crafts projects, home visits, and social assistance in cases of emergency, among other activities. Twice a week the program is offered in a different area so women from farther away are able to come. During the school period, the Social Work site also works jointly with the local public school's pyschology program. We assist them through "talks", home visits, parent's school, family gatherings. These activites assists the mothers of children who are currently struggling in their school performance and conduct.

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