Early Childhood Development Center — Qunigua
Dominican Republic (Santiago)

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The early childhood development center arises to provide the needs of attention and education for children in early ages in the Quinigua community. We work with Dominican and Haitians kids in ages from 3 to 5, and we try to give each one an experience as personalized as possible. As a development center, every day, we focus on working in four areas: - Spiritual: training them in the Word of God and teaching them about the beautiful purpose God has for each one of them. - Physical: due to people's social and economic level in the Quinigua community, we carry out a nutritional program in which we provide a daily healthy and balanced breakfast to each child. - Emotional: showing and teaching them how to name, understand, and manage their emotions and how to respect the emotions and feelings of others. - Academical: last but not least, we teach them and provide the right environment for them to learn the things they to know at their ages, according to the Dominican curriculum.

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