Appropriate Technology
Dominican Republic (Jarabacoa)


A basic necessity to life, safe clean drinking water is surprisingly unavailable throughout many parts of the under-developed world. Jarabacoa, is no exception. Although there is an abundance of water provided through rainfall and the nearby rivers, most if not all is unsafe to consume. Ingesting this bacterial contaminated water results in many various health conditions and illnesses. Our focus is to meet this critical physical need by providing Biosand water filters to families in the communities. These filters have been proven worldwide to reduce waterborne diseases. Our desire is to enter these families homes by meeting immediate physical needs, recognizing opportunities to minister spiritually, and allowing the truth of scripture and the Holy Spirit to enter their hearts. Our goal is to initiate long-lasting relationships for the purpose of sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ and His kingdom, resulting in their eternal salvation and pursuit for further spiritual growth through discipleship. There is also a real possibility to expand this ministry by implementing fuel efficient smokeless stoves in place of the traditionally used "fogon" (wood burning stove).

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