138 Note from the President

As I travel to different parts of the country to recruit and to meet with alumni of Students International, I am continually amazed by the people that I am honored to know. The fall season for the Service Center is a busy time for us as we are securing next year’s outreach teams as well as finalizing some of the aspects of the semester programs. These two activities have me out of the office and on the road. Often I travel with other staff or board members, and other times my wife Janice joins me. Last month, Janice and I traveled to the Northeastern states. We were particularly blessed by a young woman named Amy. Her story illustrates how one individual participating on one outreach can later mobilize a larger group of people for God’s Kingdom work. Currently Amy is a junior high school band teacher as well as her church’s youth leader. According to Amy these two positions allow her to know 80% of the people in her small town. As a university student Amy went to the DR on an outreach with an Inter Varsity team. She was so impacted by her site work that she was ready and willing to “jump” into an SI staff position, but the timing was off. Two years later, Amy found herself back in the DR, this time leading the Intervarsity team. Her enthusiasm continued and as a young professional she organized a team of her peers and ventured to the DR again. Amy’s love for Jesus and for the ministry in the DR has rippled throughout her neck of the woods in Connecticut. She currently is looking to a summer 2011 SI outreach to California with her youth group. Thank you, Amy. May the Lord richly bless you and others as you listen and enthusiastically go forth in building the Kingdom.