God continues to reveal himself through the staff and the ministry of SI California. Joe Torres is now on staff with Students International in Ivanhoe, CA and he along with his wife, Rosie, are pioneering the development of ministry sites and building relationships with the people in Ivanhoe.

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In 2010, SI California hosted two teams that served alongside Joe & Rosie in the community. The first was a team from Bakersfield, CA and the second was from Chilliwack, British Columbia. They worked with children in sports camps, VBS, tutoring, music lessons and much more. They also got to know some elderly people in the community, making them lunch and eating with them in their homes. Other projects consisted of construction, painting and partnering with the local church.

During those outreaches God not only worked in the community and lives of people in Ivanhoe, but He also began a work of transforming the lives of the students on both of the teams. God revealed to them a greater world view and a desire to see His Kingdom come here on earth.

God has great things in store for SI California. We invite you to be a part of it! If you are interested in leading or being a part of an outreach, contact the Students International office at (559)627-8923.