Rebeca Rojas New Ministry Site in Costa Rica: Special Education
Rebeca teaching at the Special Ed site

In October we launched a new special education ministry site in partnership with the public elementary school in La Capri. In the school system there are a significant number of children who have disabilities and/or learning disabilities that are too significant to qualify for one set of services, but yet not severe enough to qualify for other services. The result is they sit in their classrooms getting passed from grade to grade while not actually learning the material or skills needed for life.

It is with this population of children that SI staff member Rebeca Rojas is working. Currently Rebeca is working with 17 children one-on-one or in small groups to help them learn to read and write. Rebeca also helps kids learn life skills, like making change at the store and some basic cooking skills. In the few months Rebeca has been working with children such as Yuliana (pictured below with Rebecca) we have seen significant improvement in her Reading as well as self-esteem. Children love going to Teacher Rebecca’s room to “play.” The principal of the school has begun to tell her colleagues about the changes she is seeing in her students lives. Most importantly, we praise Jesus that He is transforming these children’s lives as their self-esteem grows and they see Jesus through Rebecca.