National Staff Partnership

Join a National Staff person in their own country to allow them to serve as a missionary with Students International. Students International ministers to both those serving on an outreach and to the disenfranchised in the country where they are located. These National Staff are able to minister understanding the culture they are serving in, opening doors that others from outside the culture would never be able to do.

So we invite you to join one of our National Staff in their ministry and make it possible for them to be financially free to minister full time and also be their prayer support.

Nat Staff Pic 3 National Staff Partnership
Nat Staff Pic 1 National Staff Partnership

How Do I Become a Partner?

1. Support this National Staff Missionary at $35 per month

2. Commit to praying for them at least once a week

3. Contact the Students International Service Center to start your partnership with a National Staff missionary


What do I Receive for Partnering with this National Staff?

1. Newsletter from your partner once a quarter or 4 times per year

2. Personal call or communication from your partner once a year

3. Prayer Card from your partner with his/her photo to remind you to pray for them at least once a week

4. The blessing of joining in ministry with someone from another country