Los Guidos, Costa RicaIn Los Guidos SI-Costa Rica staff person Krysta Williams runs a tutoring center in partnership with La Iglesia Cristiana Reformada de Los Guidos and Food for the Hungry Costa Rica. The tutoring center provides a safe place for children to work on their homework, enjoy educational activities, to practice their English, or to read a book.  Although the tutoring center is available for students of all ages, the majority of those who come are in elementary school. The Costa Rican school year ends in December, so Krysta is busy helping children study for year-end exams and finish up various projects.  In the five months since the tutoring center has opened it has developed a consistent clientele. It is a joy to watch God work in the lives of these children. For Krysta, “the best of part of the tutoring center is being able to build relationships with the kids who are coming everyday and to be able to be a positive adult who can sit and listen to them for awhile. It’s amazing to see how they light up when you say you’ll go to the playground with them, or even just listening to them read for a few minutes.”