The Microfinance site in Nicaragua, named “Mi Banquito,” or “My Little Bank,” is working with 65 women from 3 different communities. This site is led by SI staff member Katia Bracamontes. One of the most amazing things this site has seen, and that God has allowed, is witnessing lives transformed. Sonia from Jocote and Jenny from Nindirí are examples of that change. Both suffered from domestic violence and low self-esteem. They decided to believe in Jesus Christ, gave their lives to him, and entered into a covenant of marriage with their spouses. Now both are helping to train other women at the site, and they share their testimony as an encouragement to the other ladies.

sonia jenny

Both Sonia and Jenny work with small loans (1% monthly interest), and they are responsible with their payments. They are proud of themselves because of the business that God has allowed them to have and the support they receive through Students International Nicaragua.

Prayer requests:
1. Pray that God would touch the hearts of people to help support the microfinance site financially, so that the Lord’s work can grow. With more financial help we can help support more women so that they can support themselves.  And above all, pray that through this ministry they can find Christ.
2. Pray for a co-leader for microfinance (either a National or a North American) that has a degree in Business Administration (economics or accounting) with experience in small businesses, and one that loves to serve God’s people.

Katia (seated) and outreach participants with members of the Nindiri "Mi Banquito"
Katia (seated) and outreach participants with members of the Nindiri “Mi Banquito”

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