Today’s story comes from our Construction Site in Nicaragua!

The Construction Site in Nicaragua has been busy the past few months. We have two groups of teenagers who attend that have either dropped out of school or are trying to figure out what they want to do next in their life. We were tight on space due to having more students and appliances that needed fixing. Carlos Martinez, our site leader, has an electrical and construction background and wanted to create a larger workspace.



Having more students meant we had more workers to help build a patio extension outside of our workshop. It took countless hours, but with the help of the two groups, we completed it within a matter of weeks. After we finished the patio, we started working on building a roof to help protect everyone from the sun and rain.

finished construction

building roof


Looking at the patio now and seeing all the work we put into it makes us think about the bigger picture. Similar to the kids we work with, it may not seem like building an extension to our workspace is making a huge difference. However, seeing kids come to the site, even if they had the day off, to put in more work or hearing a kid pray out loud for the first time, we realize that God is doing something much bigger.  Lives are transformed not only through new trade skills but through the power of the gospel.

God is using the Construction Site to go beyond repairing appliances; God is mending hearts and lives.


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