A friend invited Grettel to go to the exercise program that had started in the community center. Needing to do something active she agreed to go. Little did she know that going to work out would lead to becoming a part of a community of women. A community that collects food for one another when someone is out of work, that looks after each other when someone is sick, a community that genuinely cares for one another. After some time Grettel became one of the leaders of this community and helped to begin a weekly Bible Study with the ladies. As she demonstrated more leadership Jessie, the SI staff person leading the program, began to think that Grettel could one day be a staff person herself. So, Jessie began to intentionally pour into Grettel. She found a class Grettel could attend to learn more about planning and facilitating functional exercise routines and encouraged Grettel to step out and lead at the Bible Study.

ecd7530b fbf5 988b acb5 9e35f029cf66 Meet our New Staff Member, Grettel

When Jessie decided to move back to California to pursue more education, Grettel was asked to apply for the open staff position. We are excited to have Grettel as part of our SI Costa Rica staff family as the leader of the Women’s Health and Fitness Site!  She grew up in the neighborhood where we work and has walked in the shoes of many of the women who attend the exercise classes. She has a natural ability to connect, encourage, and challenge the ladies. And her love for Jesus is evident.

Join us in praying for Grettel as she starts to lead the ministry site. Pray for her transition from being one of the participants to being the leader of the site. Pray that she would have wisdom, creativity, and insight and she walks alongside these women and points them to Jesus. And join in praising God for bringing her to our staff and for the many ways he has prepared her for just a time as this.

Grateful for you,
The SI Team