Dave AdamsDave is from Doylestown, Pennsylvania (about an hour north of Philadelphia). He served as an intern in the DR at the sports site for 10 weeks during the summer of 2008. At the point of his internship he had just finished his senior year at Taylor University, but still needed to complete his student teaching the following fall semester. At that point he had a job offer to teach at Santiago Christian School, and “spending the summer in the DR definitely helped in my decision to move down there permanently to teach. I was on the fence about accepting that job and moving, but after God provided me with such an amazing experience as an intern I knew I was supposed to move back down there after I was finished my student teaching.”

“The relationships that I formed with other interns and SI staff still have a great impact on my life. I keep in touch with Raul (leader of men’s sports site), Jess Gates (leader of women’s sports site and former intern with me), and Josh and Vicki Mathews (former intern with me and SI staff).

Currently, Dave is teaching at an alternative school (for students who get kicked out of public school) just outside of Philadelphia in the area where he grew up.  This will be his last year teaching at this school.  He and his wife are working on raising funds in order to move back to the DR and work for SI. He will work at the men’s sports site and his wife is working on getting an elementary teaching position at one of the Christian schools in Jarabacoa.