WhatsApp Image 2024 02 27 at 20.45.27 Long-Cherished Dreams Coming TrueWe are so excited to share a story from one of our community member participants at the Women’s Social Work Site in Guatemala.

Here’s what she had to say:

The opportunity to learn sewing came my way through a pastor, who herself was a skilled seamstress. She introduced me to Pastor Gerber and the Women’s Social Work Site, an opportunity she couldn’t take due to her hectic schedule. I seized this chance with joy, as it aligned with my longtime desire.

The site, while beneficial, posed two challenges – its distance and my struggle to visit as frequently as I wished. Despite these hurdles, the rewards were substantial. It offered me the long-cherished dream of learning sewing, owning my personal sewing machine, and becoming financially independent, supporting my husband and family.

My journey with the Intecap course at the site was filled with pleasant surprises and joy. I had always fantasized about studying there. One of the most memorable moments was my graduation day. My parents, who attended the ceremony, surprised me with a graduation ring. Their support, along with my husband’s, has been unwavering, propelling me to continue my journey at the site.

I am immensely grateful to God and all those who have opened this door for me. May God’s blessings be upon them.