On the Nicaragua Sports Site, we serve and share the good news in 4 communities. We provide sports teachings in baseball, soccer, boxing, chess and physical preparation. Today we briefly tell you the story of one of the members of the Sports Site.

Nicaragua SportsHis name is Luis Ortega Castillo. He lives in the community of Valle del Volcán; Luis works during the week except on Fridays because then he loves to go to the Sports Site to train soccer and listen to the Word of God. He has been part of the Sports Site for six years. He arrived at the site as a listener of the Word, and God has been transforming his life. He became a believer accepting Jesus as His Savior, and a year ago, he was baptized.

We have seen leadership qualities for which we are discipling him by teaching him training strategies and how to evangelize through sports. He loves to pray, and he is an example for his community’s children and young people.

We look forward to seeing God’s plan for Luis as he continues to grow on his leadership path.