As the pandemic continues, stay-at-home orders for several countries remain, and others begin to open back up, our work in each base is looking different every week. However, we are blessed to continue finding ways to serve God in the communities to bring light and hope. Today’s story comes from Guatemala!

Amid this COVID season, there has been much need in our communities. During this pandemic, we have seen God’s provision and have seen him touch others’ hearts to help their community. Some leaders, pastors from the community, along with some of our staff, have been involved in helping through the packing and distributing of food to those in need. We connected with community members who are involved in our ministry sites and who have been affected by the situation. Some of those who have helped pack has been a group of student leaders from our sponsorship site; it has been great to see their growth. These students are Cristian and Selvin, and they have helped out by sharing the Gospel, praying for families, and helping pass out food. In the first picture, they are praying for families from El Gorrion and San Miguel.

image Leadership and Connections in Guatemala!

image 2 Leadership and Connections in Guatemala!

image 3 Leadership and Connections in Guatemala!Part of what we do with the local pastors is build relationships with them and utilize their connections in the communities to provide food where it is needed most. It has been amazing to see local pastors working together to bring help to their communities. Gilberto is one of those pastors, he and his family have worked in El Gorrion for the past three years, and they are heavily involved in our ministry sites. We have been able to bless their family with food as well as helping them reach their neighbors.



image 4 Leadership and Connections in Guatemala!Esdras is another one of the pastors we work with from Magdalena; we were able to partner with his church and ministry to help out families he serves. He has a passion for serving his community and for praying for those who were receiving food. He has been vital in connecting with other pastors in the area and helping bring aid to his community during this challenging season.





It has been incredible to see how local pastors have led the charge to create change and help those in need in this pandemic. At SI Guatemala, we have had the privilege of supporting these pastors emotionally, spiritually, and through our financial resources. God is at work, and lives are being changed despite less than ideal circumstances.