a%20Kings 09 King's West Outreach Guatemala

In March 2009 Students International welcomed back King’s West Secondary School from Washington state lead by Mike Mitchell with co-leaders Kathleen Mitchell, Sherri Miller and Grace Ellison. Joining this group in Guatemala was Randy Braun, Brian Duyst and Kali McCarley from California.  The week was spent together worshipping, praising God and doing His work in the many wonderful ministry opportunities in Magdalena, El Gorrion and Antigua.  Everyone in this group was welcomed with open arms and grand smiles into Magdalena families for the duration of their stay.  The blessings poured over the Americans and Guatemalans as they spent time together sharing in personal conversation, testimony, prayer, food, laughter as well as working in the schools, medical clinics, hospital, homes…lives were changed forever during this week in His service.  God is good!  Christ is all and in all.  Many praised God for this opportunity and hope to return to Guatemala to serve.

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