Dave HansenThis month’s focus on Costa Rica is very rich for me. In 1989 Janice and I led an outreach team to Costa Rica and my heart instantly connected with this country and its people. It is Costa Rica where I have returned many times with student and adult teams. To have a full time presence in Costa Rica was a dream of mine for SI.

Jeff and Tracey Dixon have picked up the mantle for Students International and this summer they are receiving SI teams to begin the first year of ministry. They have a wonderful support team with them and having just heard from an experienced trip leader, the mission and vision of SI is now flowing in San Jose, Costa Rica.

This does not just happen. The Lord has opened the doors in so many areas and as a mission; we give Him the thanks and glory. The team is living and ministering in the city of San Jose. They have purposed to live and work in the Desamparados with very poor Costa Ricans and Nicaraguan refugees where the needs are very great. We are reminded in Leviticus 19:34, “The alien living with you must be treated as one… foreigners living among you will be like your own people. Love them as you love yourself, because you were foreigners living in Egypt.”  The refugees and indigent in this city have had many difficulties and face many prejudices as they try to establish a better life for themselves and their families.

Please continue to pray for the staff as they love and serve the people of Costa Rica and the outreach participants.

Blessings to all,