As the pandemic continues and countries begin to open back up, our work in each base is looking different every week. However, we are blessed to continue finding ways to serve God in the communities to bring light and hope. Today’s story comes from our staff in Guatemala.

In the middle of September, Guatemala’s president announced that with COVID numbers declining, the country could advance its plans to reopen. After almost seven months of restrictions, SI Guatemala was able to begin gathering together as staff again. On Monday, October 26th, we held our first in-person staff meeting. It was an incredible time together of reconnecting after a long and challenging season. The theme of the meeting was pretty simple, “What have you seen God doing in our communities?” Our staff began sharing the incredible ways God was moving in the communities despite the added difficulty.

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Eddy, who leads our Create Arts ministry, went house to house to visit the boys learning music with him. He intended to see each student individually and then move on to the next. The boys couldn’t help but continue with Eddy to visit the next house at each house he visited. They were so excited to be together again.
Sheny experienced something similar with her sewing classes: the women from El Gorrion were so excited to sit and share with Sheny again that when it was time for their classes to end, they did not want to leave!
Alvaro, who is over our Pastoral Care, spoke of how often he would visit a local pastor with food or with a word of encouragement, and the pastor would share how they had used the last of their milk for breakfast in the morning. Alvaro’s visit brought them exactly what they needed. They spoke of God’s provision in new and unexpected ways.

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That theme was evident with our staff: providing for health for each and every one of them and their families or providing the means to help members of their sites who had been struggling. Now, as we return to a daily rhythm that looks a bit more normal, we continue to look for God’s provision in our own lives and in the lives of those we serve.

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