The encouraging story you need to hear from Guatemala.

Jenny is a young 28 year old girl that was diagnosed with an intellectual disability. She really struggles with reading, writing and socializing with other people her age. Six years ago, Jenny started attending the special education site with the hopes of connecting with others and being taught in a way that she understands.

Well, she found more than friends and an education. She found God.
The Lord has overflowed Jenny’s heart with love for others. This girl has so much joy and brightens every room that she walks into. Our Special Education site leader, Brenda Hernandez, has been working hard to provide Jenny with the education she needs to succeed. Jenny says that she loves coming to the site because she is writing better and she has so much fun!

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Join us in prayer that Jenny would continue to get the education assistance that she needs to succeed but that she would also continue to seek Jesus and love Him with all of her heart.

Grateful for you,
The SI Team