Today’s uplifting story comes from our Women’s Health and Fitness site in Costa Rica, led by Jessica Rybaczyk!

Fitness class

Today we want to celebrate and honor one of our ministry site participants. Viviana is 34 years old and has lived in Los Guido, Costa Rica, her entire life and has been a participant in our Women’s Health and Fitness program for the last two years. Since starting, she has become one of our most faithful participants not only exercising but in our women’s bible study, which was formed with women from our exercise program.

VivianaViviana is known for being quiet, but it is evident that God has been at work in her life in developing her to become a leader in our program. Viviana was born with a heart condition that involves an improper distribution of blood pumped from her heart. A few months ago, the doctors informed Viviana that she would need heart surgery soon because test results revealed that her heart was not strong enough to pump blood to her body adequately.

In a recent check-up with her doctor, Viviana’s test results showed that the strength of her heart had improved significantly to the point of putting off heart surgery. We are so joyful and give all the praise to God. It has only been three months since being able to exercise in person again. In this short time, Viviana’s dedication and work ethic has given her a new sense of joy in that she knows her hard work has benefited her health in such significant ways.

Fitness class

God created our bodies in such intricate patterns, and Viviana is a testament to how exercise does miracles for the body.

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