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Together, we can make a significant impact and create a brighter future for these children.

About the Humble Hearts Foundation

At the Humble Hearts Foundation, our goal is to collect donations (both monetary and physical) for the youth and community in Quinigua, Dominican Republic. We also aim to provide the means for these children to attend school, a place where they can feel comfortable and loved.

We know it is not possible to provide those struggling with poverty a new home, food and money so they do not struggle any longer. BUT, we do know that it is possible to serve humbly alongside people, out of the genuine goodness of your heart.

The foundation not only focuses on international missions but locally as well. We, at the foundation believe that mission work is not limited to overseas, but can be practiced anywhere and anytime. Even in our own backyard. Club members have served at the Bakersfield Homeless Shelter.

As of now, the Humble Hearts’ main goals are to provide for the children in the Early Childhood Development Center by these means:

School Tuition + Uniforms

Centrollo Desarrollo Integral has the teachers and classroom space to host 27 children. Parents are asked to provide the students school uniform and $2 a month to investment in their child’s education.

$22 yearly school tuition ($2 per month, 11 months per school year)

$5 for uniform (one-time purchase)

27 x 27 = $729 Covered by the Student’s Parents

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School Tuition + Teacher Salary

$18 per mo per child – covers the rest of their tuition as well as snacks, classroom materials and facility rent that is not covered by their parents

$30 mo per child – covers teacher salaries

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Yearly Cost Per Child

$18 + $30 = $48 per mo per child

$48 x 11 mo/1 school yr = $528 yearly tuition

27 children x $528 = $14, 256 USD

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Clothes + Other Items

Gently used clothes suitable for the Dominican weather will be donated via Students International

Printer – to print out the school curriculum ($200)

TV – to play dance and educational videos ($1,000)

In total: $14,256 + $1,200 = $15,456

Percentage Raised of $15,456
$1155.5 8%
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About the Early Childhood Development Center

The center provides the needs of attention and education for children ages 3 to 5 in the Quinigua community in the Dominican Republic.

The development center focuses on working in four areas of a child’s life:

Spiritual: Training students in the Word of God.

Physical: They started a nutrition program in which a daily healthy and balanced breakfast is provided to each child.

Emotional: Teaching students how to name, understand, and manage their emotions.

Academical: Teaching students according to the Dominican curriculum.

Meet the Founder of Humble Hearts

Madison Ma is a junior at Bakersfield Christian High School. During the summer of 2022, Madison went on a mission trip with Students International and her life was changed forever. When she arrived at Centrollo Desarrollo Integral, everything changed. She was embraced by laughter, joy, and the warmth of the children. The school, a simple yet vibrant place, revealed to her the beauty of simplicity and the resilience of these kids.

A fire was ignited in her heart.

She realized that these children, who find joy in the little things, deserve our support. That they might need help with resources their families might not have access to.

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That is why we are asking YOU to partner with us whether that be financially or through physical donations. Every  donation matters. It could be $5, $50, $100 or $1,000 or maybe you went through your kids closets and found clothes that they no longer fit in. Anything would be an incredible blessing to the kids in the community of Quinigua.

You are invited to join us in this mission to share love, compassion, and resources with those who need it most.

Ready to Partner with us?

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