54AD2A9D 674E 437A A6CC FB149689FA39 1 105 c Humble Hearts FoundationMeet Madison Ma, a 16-year-old student at Bakersfield Christian High School, located in Bakersfield, California. Her roles extend beyond just being a junior at her school – she’s also a caring older sister and the initiator of a charity named the Humble Hearts Foundation.  During the summer of 2022, Madison went on a mission trip with Students International and her life was changed forever. Madison is firmly rooted in the belief of living for others, a core value that shapes her daily behavior and decisions. This commitment to aiding others fuels her desire to establish the foundation. She holds a clear understanding that true joy comes not just from personal happiness, but also from the happiness of those around her. Madison is fully aware that her aspiration to provide a house, food, and unlimited resources for every underprivileged person globally is ambitious and not entirely feasible. However, she is also aware of the significant impact she can make. Her approach is to serve others with humility and sincerity, the guiding principle of her foundation. This very principle is what inspired the foundation’s name – the Humble Hearts Foundation.

At the Humble Hearts Foundation, our goal is to collect donations (both monetary and physical) for the youth and community in Quinigua, Dominican Republic. We also aim to provide the means for these children to attend school, a place where they can feel comfortable and loved.

As of now, the Foundations main goals are to provide for the children in the Early Childhood Development Center by these means:

School Tuition, Uniforms, Snacks, Classroom Materials and Facility Rent

We are asking YOU to partner with us whether that be financially or through physical donations. Every  donation matters. It could be $5, $50, $100 or $1,000 or maybe you went through your kids closets and found clothes that they no longer fit in. Anything would be an incredible blessing to the kids in the community of Quinigua.