Isabel first heard of the Students International ministry through the father of her children, who worked at the old Jarabacoa base. When the current base property was bought, he and his family were asked to move in and watch over the property. “One night turned into a week, which turned into a Screenshot 2023 12 13 at 11.52.12 AM History in Ministrymonth, which turned into a year and so on until we had been living on the Students International base for eleven years. Two of my kids grew up on this base, a lot of our history has been made here in this ministry.Isabel has been around the ministry since some of its beginning stages in Jarabacoa, watching as the ministry transformed into what it is today. First, the ministry-built relationships and connections with her family, helping them and loving on them in many ways, and now Isabel finds herself giving back to that same ministry, keeping the cycle going by pouring into the people of Jarabacoa and being a light in the community. In 2005, Isabel began doing little jobs like cleaning, painting nails, and doing laundry around Students International. Today she is a Microfinance site attendee and the secretary at our Physical Therapy site. “Outside of the Physical Therapy site, the Microfinance site is one of my favorite places because they teach on the Word and the Word teaches us how to take care of what God gives us. The site teaches women how to navigate life and not remain static, but how to use the things God has given us to continue moving forward. I’ve learned a lot through this ministry; Students International focuses on the needs of other people and they help in a certain way that teaches a person how to help themselves in life. They show people that they do not always need another person to depend on to move forward financially, but rather learn how to work and what you can do to move yourself forward.” Isabel says that, more importantly than becoming solely self-sufficient, Students International teaches members of the community how to rely on God. “This ministry helps people in a different way, and it’s such a blessing. I personally have a lot to thank this ministry for. Before I found Jesus, my life was total chaos. There was a lot of hurt and brokenness.” Students International provided a safe, Christian community and now Isabel is a part of the same ministry that helped her so long ago. “If you ask me about my life, everything has been a part of or because of Students International: my children, my house, my job, my relationship with the Lord, the degree I’m working towards. I have a lot to be thankful for.”