For the past 7 years, Students International has been working alongside the poor of El Gorriõn (a settlement of about 55 families displaced by landslides caused by Hurricane Mitch), responding to some of its most pressing needs. We’ve built water cisterns, taught in its local school, and developed relationships with its destitute but resilient residents. Recently, SI has undertaken building a community center that would help meet some other felt needs, such as: adequate nutrition, by providing children with one daily balanced meal; vocational training, by operating carpentry and sewing workshops; spiritual growth, by conducting youth & adult Bible studies; and health care, by running a small clinic in partnership with SI’s clinic in neighboring Magdalena. Additionally, the community center’s physical presence would speak to our commitment to partnership over the long term. SI broke ground last month, as God has placed several people in our path, both in the U.S. and locally, to help move this project along. We will be building in phases as the funds become available. We are so excited for this project’s potential! Please pray for the raising of the necessary funds and for God’s favor to proceed with the community center’s construction.